BMW 135i Coupe

German automaker BMW introduced the 1 Series as an entry level small family car in 2004. In the United States and Canada, the 1 Series coupe and convertible went on sale in model year 2008. The 1 Series shares many components with the larger 3 Series. The model was created to provide a lower-priced entry point into the BMW product line as the 3 Series moved up-market. Pricing of the 1 Series places it between the MINI and the 3 Series.

The BMW 1 Series M Coupé, a purist and very high-performance version of the BMW 1 Series Coupe (pictured below), was developed by BMW’s motorsport branch BMW M. It is currently the smallest and least expensive M model available. The body on the BMW 1 Series M Coupé has been modified, giving the car a significantly wider track and bigger body, as well as a body kit to distinguish it from the standard 1 Series


The 1 Series is all about giving the consumer the BMW experience at a lower price, without compromising performance. At this, it excels. The car’s smaller size and lighter weight makes it agile and gives it fantastic handling.

BMW could have easily been accused of simply finding another way to sell a badge rather than a car, but the increasing size and upscale movement of the 3 series has created a legitimate niche for the 1 Series. Styling of the 1-Series initially came under fire from the likes of Jeremy Clarkson and other journalists. Critical response dramatically changed in later years after a much-needed facelift and the introduction of the Coupé and convertible models. Generally, these 2 configurations have become more popular with fans and critics.

BMW purists can now rest easy with the knowledge that the 1 Series has found a snug fit within the company’s product lineup.

In typical BMW fashion, the 1M model was released shortly after the new lineup’s introduction. Staying true to the M Series’ motorsport roots, the 1M offers awesome performance, even clocking quicker times than other M series cars on the Top Gear test track.

The 1 Series stays true to its brand image and would make any BMW enthusiast proud as an addition to their collection.

Statement: I wanted a BMW without having to sell my organs. Luxury is a must, but I’m really in it for the performance.

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