Honda CR-X

With just enough room for 2 passengers, the front-wheel drive CR-X was marketed as an economy sport fastback. The CR-X nearly had the two-seat field to its own at one time. In addition, its great performance, handling and fuel economy made it a popular purchase.

The CRX offered just about everything anyone would want in a bigger Honda, except room and rearward visibility (due to the slanting roof and sharply sloped rear window).


Though they didn’t immediately realize it, Honda had created a winning formula with the CRX. It was cheap, fast and fun to drive. As the car was relatively lightweight, came with nimble handling, and received one of the first mass-produced 16 valve engines generating 125 horsepower, it became known as a budget pocket rocket. In some places, the CR-X was also one of the first vehicles to receive Honda’s VTEC engine technology (Variable Valve Timing to provide increased power at high revs, while still allowing low fuel consumption). The CR-X’s performance even rivaled that of Porsches and other, more expensive cars of the 80’s.

Due to wide adoption of the vehicle by driving enthusiasts, the CR-X can be considered one of the vehicles that made Honda popular in grassroots motorsports and import tuning.
Though the CR-X was a spinoff of the Honda Civic, it exceeded the performance expectations of many and has gained a cult following among driving purists. Honda truly had created something magical. Sadly,
later models such as the Del Sol failed to capture the elements that created that same magic.

For that reason, few cars in Honda’s lineup evoke the same emotions and nostalgia that the CR-X does.

Statement: Old school cool, the 80’s pocket rocket dear to the hearts of Honda fanboys everywhere

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