Lamborghini Countach

Iconic for its outrageous looks, the Lamborghini Countach was the first car to sport the wedge-shaped, sharply angled look that has become popular in many high performance sports cars.
It is a mid-engined supercar styled during a time when designs were unhindered by practical and ergonomic aspects of automobile design. The results were striking and an appropriate name had to be given to the vehicle.

In the Piedmontese language, the word countach is an exclamation of astonishment which is generally used by men on seeing an extremely beautiful woman.

The LP500S (pictured below) is easily the most remembered variant. It was given a bigger, more powerful 4.8 litre engine over the regular 4.0L.



Practical was the farthest thing from its vocabulary, and the Countach was the truly excessive supercar. With a mailslot of a rear window, it was impossible to park. Owners were known to sit on the door sill with the door open in order to maneuver into a spot. But who cares! It was all about the looks, and for an image-obsessed car enthusiast, it’s always worth it. The wedge shape, scissor doors, massive engine vents and the pronounced angles made it an instantly recognizable attention-getter. The monster Lambo V12 engine, with its thunderous roar, put it at the top of the food chain on the road, as well.

Though later Lamborghini models such as the Diablo or Murciélago provided superior performance, their styling lacked the originality or outrageousness that made the Countach stand out.

The Countach was for those who needed to proclaim their wealth and status to the world, while satisfying the most narcissistic of personalities.

Statement: Big bank roll required. Gold chains and chest hair not included!

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