Sold in Japan since 1998, the Nissan Cube is a mini MPV. In 2009, Nissan began selling the Cube in North America and Europe as well.

Like the Scion xB and Kia Soul, Nissan styled the Cube with an eye toward individuality and the younger market. Few other vehicles come close in terms of dimensions; the Cube combines the length of a sub-compact with the height of a crossover.


Ah, that crazy Japanese culture. To stand out in the square car market, the company appears to have made “quirkiness” the Cube’s signature. When compared with other box-shaped cars, the Cube has a “cuter” design. It looks more like a room on wheels than a car, but some may take comfort in feeling like they’re at home in their room wherever they go (security blanket not included).

In Japan, the Cube easily blends in with the myriad of other cute and quirky-looking cars that roam the streets. In North America, however, its design doesn’t quite feel at home nestled among a sea of SUVs and elongated sedans. It’s little surprise that the model has not really caught on in North America.

However, as gas prices continue to soar, and the demographic of vehicles on the road shifts toward smaller, more efficient vehicles, the Cube may yet carve a niche for itself in the West.
Years ago, it wouldn’t have stood a chance, but now, North America may finally be ready for the Cube.

Statement: Home is where the Cube is, with some cuteness thrown in for that extra comfy feeling.

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